What does an Investor want to see in a Business Plan?

The Legal Director is proud to be co-sponsor of the latest Informed Funding 90-minute workshop on Wednesday 12 September from 10:30-1230 hrs or 14:00-15:30 hrs. This event takes place at Plexal, 14 East Bay Lane, Stratford, London, E15 2GW

Raising finance is often the number one challenge for the majority of business owners:

  • How do I find an investor?
  • Why will they invest in me?
  • How do I present a compelling case?
  • How much equity shall I give away?

These are all questions that both an entrepreneur and a funder need to address and align to complete a successful fund raise.

Throughout the meet-up we’ll be looking at:

  • The investment proposition and the need to actively engage investors from the first contact
  • The business opportunity and how an investor can help you grow your business
  • The essential steps that you should make to ensure your business is investment ready
  • The steps required to prepare the ideal business plan
  • How to achieve your business plan aims and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • The legal aspects of business investment

Please click here to register for this event.

This structured meet-up can help you through the finance maze and provide the type of professional, experienced and unbiased, guidance on financial challenges that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.

Meet-up advisors are: 

Malcolm Holloway – an experienced finance director and VC having worked for Rivers Capital Partners, an independent venture capital company that supports small businesses looking for funding to expand their operations and start-ups.

Grant Hawthorne – a portfolio finance director and partner at Boundary Capital, a venture capital company focusing on UK early stage technology investments, specialising in funding, commercial assistance and business development.

Posted Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 by Warren Ryland



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