What might a Legal Audit reveal about your business?

placeholder.jpgWhen we start working with a business we assess their existing legal arrangements to determine how these can be improved and aligned with commercial objectives.

We ask some basic questions, such as:

  • Do you know how many relationships your business has with other organisations?
  • Are you aware of all signed agreements, terms and risks pertaining to these relationships?
  • Is anyone in your business responsible for all these relationships and ensuring you meet your obligations and exercise your rights?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above questions, then we believe you should seriously consider taking action to protect your business.

Our detailed Legal Audit questionnaire allows us to review your business from a commercial perspective and then take steps put in place processes and systems for the ongoing management of your legal affairs.

To arrange a Legal Audit or to discuss what its scope might be, please contact Kirstie Penk or James Mallender at The Legal Director on 020 3755 5099.

Posted Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 by Warren Ryland



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