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How an experienced part-time Legal Director can help you save significant money on your legal bills and directors’ time

At The Legal Director we believe every business, regardless of its size, should be able to benefit from having an experienced lawyer on its management team.

So we created a company that enables this to happen, but with a cost-reducing modus operandi and structure that makes perfect business sense — for you.

We save you money on ‘internal’ legal costs through charge-our rates that are significantly lower than those of a traditional law firm, thanks to our low overheads, cost transparency and fixed rates.

We save you money on external legal costs too, when you need to use external lawyers for specialist or overflow work.

We also save you high-value time, since your CEO or CFO will be released back into the business.

We add even more value by always providing legal advice from a business perspective.

Traditional law firms simply cannot offer this unique combination of cost-reducing benefits.

Managing legal resources and costs more efficiently

Deciding how you manage your business’s legal affairs, and how and where to source appropriate legal expertise, can eat up significant budget and time.

How much you’re spending, whether you’re getting value for money, and the drain on senior people’s time all need to be considered.

The Legal Director can resolve all of these issues and help to ensure that your money and time are spent far more efficiently driving your business forward.

How The Legal Director can help you hit above your weight

Having one of our lawyers on your team will mean much more than simply having experienced and consistent legal advice always at your disposal. It will also mean you can ‘hit above your weight’ in negotiations with customers and suppliers.

When they see that you have an in-house lawyer scrutinising contracts, your trading partners are less likely to include clauses that have the potential to negatively impact your commercial interests.

How The Legal Director can help you assess your ongoing legal needs

At The Legal Director we offer a straightforward Legal Audit service that provides a rigorous way of assessing your legal health in all the key areas of your business.

Based on the results of the audit we will advise you on the best way to source the legal resource you need.

That advice may be to stay as you are and use external legal support as and when required; to use one of our experienced lawyers for an initial fixed number of days to get your ‘legal house’ in order; to use one of our lawyers for one or two days a week on an ongoing basis; or to employ an experienced in-house General Council full-time.

Whatever we recommend, you can be sure it will be in the best interests of your business.

How The Legal Director will work with you to meet your ongoing legal needs

Our primary aim is to ensure that you get better value from your spend on legal services and that you have the right solution for your legal needs moving forward.

We will review your current legal spend and show you how to save money. We can also manage your internal legal function and all external legal spend, saving further costs and also saving your CEO or CFO significant amounts of time.

And if the best ongoing solution for your business is an internal legal resource, we’ll tell you. We can even help you find the right person by managing the recruitment, interview and selection process.

How The Legal Director’s advice and approach differ from that of a traditional firm of solicitors/law firm

As you’ve read, we give legal advice from a business perspective, which makes us stand apart. All of our lawyers are senior, highly experienced people, not juniors; and all of us have worked in industry with client companies.

In addition, we are proactive rather than reactive. Because we proactively get to know you and your business, we provide a legal framework that is well matched to your business’s needs. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on revenue generation, profit protection, competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

The three key areas where having us on your team can add value

  1. We save you money as the internal cost of one of our experienced business lawyers is typically significantly lower than other options. We also save you money whenever there is a need to use external lawyers for specialist or overflow work.
  2. We not only reduce your legal bills, we can offer fixed fees too. This will allow you to budget with confidence and avoid the nasty surprise of unexpected legal bills.
  3. Your CEO, CFO and other directors who have previously spent time dealing with both everyday and occasional legal issues, will be released back into the business to provide high-value business inputs.

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