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How an experienced part-time Legal Director can help you manage your staff and contractors more effectively

The best businesses invest in their people, and if you manage your people wisely you are more likely to get a good return on your investment.

But just as in other areas of your business, you need a clear people strategy. You also need to develop and implement that strategy with a clear understanding of your legal position and obligations.

That’s where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you — making sure your people are engaged on the right terms, committed to the best interests of your company, and that your business is protected legally from unnecessary risk should misunderstandings or disagreements occur, or when people leave you.

Below we summarise just some of the ways we can help you.

Implementing a legally compliant people strategy is imperative

If you’re serious about building a sustainable business that generates real value for its owners or shareholders, then you need to plan and implement a proper people strategy.

To overlook the importance of people, and to fail to be proactive in assessing and mitigating related risks, is akin to commercial suicide. To ignore so-called ‘softer’ areas such as staff morale, motivation and well-being can be equally damaging.

But underpinning all of this you need to have legally compliant systems and processes to manage all stages and all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

We can help you put the essentials in place, then ensure that everything is implemented correctly and kept up to date.

How The Legal Director will work with you in regard to your people

Our first step will be to get to know you, your business and its goals. That will include understanding the type of staff and contractors you employ, how critical particular staff and roles are to your business, your attitude to risk, and staff turnover rates.

We will review all documentation relating to employment (including the legal basis upon which any self-employed contractors or consultants are engaged). Where necessary we will update or replace existing contracts, staff handbooks and processes.

We can also provide you and your management team with training, if needed.

Thereafter, we will work alongside your HR department, managers and board, helping them to deal with HR issues confidently and consistently. This work can range from everyday HR and employment-related matters, to how to conduct disciplinary investigations and hearings, and how to manage people exits so that risk and damage to the business are minimised.

We can also work at board level to advise on more strategic issues. For example, we can help you restructure your business for growth or for greater competitiveness.

Whatever your plans for the business, we will be on hand to help.

How The Legal Director’s advice and approach differ from that of a traditional firm of solicitors/law firm

In legal terms, the advice you receive from us we would expect to be much the same as that from a traditional law firm. However, our advice is not restricted to your legal position. Indeed, two things make The Legal Director stand apart from conventional law firms in terms of advice.

Firstly, we give legal advice from a business perspective. All of our lawyers are highly experienced in business (not junior lawyers, whose primary focus is points of law, not pragmatic business considerations).

We have all worked in industry, within client companies, and that commercial experience can prove invaluable. For example, if you were to ask a law firm to advise on an HR issue, they will likely just tell you what the law says. Our lawyers, by contrast, can also provide commercial advice to help you make the right decisions in the context of your business.

Secondly, The Legal Director is proactive rather than reactive. By proactively getting to know you and your business, we can provide contracts, policies and procedures and advice that are well matched to the way your business operates and your business aspirations.

Why it’s important to get the inside view

Unlike conventional law firms, we work as part of your management team to understand your business. Critically, we are on your side, not on the outside.

We never take the outsider’s soft option and say, “We can only advise you on the legal situation, now it's your decision.” We will never “sit on the fence” with our opinion and will clearly tell you what, from our business and legal experience, we think you should do.

You can trust us to stand alongside you and help you make the right decisions for your business within a robust, legally compliant HR framework.

The three key areas where one of our part-time Legal Directors can help you profit from an effective people strategy

  1. We put in place contracts of employment and related policies and procedures that are up to date and personalised to your business.
  2. We help to ensure that your staff are incentivised and that good staff want to stay with you.
  3. We enable you to deal professionally and effectively with HR issues as and when they arise, while minimising the risk of claims or damage to your business.

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