The Legal Director has close links and works with a number of great businesses whose services we highly recommend and we list a selection of these below:

  • Powerhouse Partnership
  • Francis Ryland
  • Blue Acorns
  • Informed Funding
  • Accutrainee
  • Spider
  • Director Group
  • Peripatus
  • Coltman


The Legal Director & Outside GC.
US legal expertise for our clients.

The legal services model that we use is new in the UK. However, Outside GC uses the same model in the US.

We have a strong relationship with them, providing their US clients with UK legal support and referring our UK clients, which operate in the US, to them for US legal advice.

Outside GC provides on-demand general counsel services to their clients, handling day-to-day transactions - customer contracts, license agreements, financings, HR matters, etc. - at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal counsel.

Their sister firm, Patent GC, provides patent, trademark and copyright legal services, acting as in-house IP counsel, or project-based IP counsel, as needed.