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Our previous and current clients span all business sectors and all sizes of business

The Legal Director’s clients range from large multinational businesses and household names to medium-sized, fast-growing and niche businesses.

Below is a selection of our clients to give you an idea of the calibre and range of businesses that we work with.


We play a vital role in delivering legal advice from a business perspective

We tend to work with main board directors and senior management and become part of the decision making process at our clients.

Our experience of working with a wide range of businesses means we can provide a wide breadth of advice spanning several industries. 


  • Finlay Beverages
  • Skechers
  • Prolog
  • Crest
  • Black & White Hospitality
  • Novus
  • DropIT
  • Reiss
  • Invenias
  • Knight Security
  • MSC R&D
  • MDXT Technology
  • Friska
  • Abbey Industrial Solutions
  • Map Of Agriculture

A selection of testimonials from our clients:

"The Legal Director started with us four years ago. I just know I can rely on them to deal with all my UK work – which is hugely important as I am California-based. We first used them because our existing providers were becoming far too expensive. We simply wanted a more cost-effective solution but without compromising the quality. Not only is TLD is less costly, they also provide far more commercial value to me and my team."
Peter F. Mow, Senior Vice President - Real Estate and Construction, Skechers USA Ltd

"The Legal Director has been a crucial part of the Dropit team, helping us navigate a wide panoply of challenges and opportunities.  As a fast-growing technology company, we really value Charlotte’s professionalism, availability and ability to provide practical legal advice that allows our business to flourish.  Thank you. 
Aaron Markowitz-Shulman, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Dropit

"The Legal Director GDPR pack was really useful and gave me the right level of detail I needed to update Loaf’s privacy documentation and make sure Loaf are compliant with the new rules."
Tim Parfitt, Finance Director, Loaf

"What sets The Legal Director apart is their genuine understanding of the pressures I face as CFO. Most recently, they responded to a very extensive investor due diligence exercise on my behalf – where they were organised and focussed - and this allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of that process that had to be handled by me."
Steven Downes, Chief Financial Officer, Reiss Limited

"We have worked with TLD for four years and they are our preferred partner on all our property transactions. Commercial, pragmatic advice from experienced professionals, who we see as partners on our journey to national expansion."
Ed Brown, Founder and Director, Friska Food

"The Legal Director was already working for the wider business when I engaged them, about four years ago, to apply their property expertise.  We underwent a significant period of change to our portfolio from 2012 onwards. The Legal Director helped me manage that change and it involved both ongoing project planning and management, as well as several large transactions. The Legal Director was able to offer a very competitive pricing structure. We subsequently engaged additional property expertise from their contacts in the market."
Zoe Clarke, Property and Procurement Manager, Tribal Group plc

"The Legal Director plays an essential role in our business. They help us on all aspects of our property portfolio, including all lease transactions and portfolio management. The Legal Director works as a fellow team member alongside our retained agent, our store designers and the remainder of our professional team and help us to deliver a seamless service. With their experience and sector expertise, having them on-side has enabled us to focus on other parts of the business. In fact, we have just appointed them in a wider capacity, to give us some strategic guidance on what our business needs to look like as we grow."
James Pascoe, Founder and Director, Seventy Three Retail Limited

The Legal Director provides Crest with proactive and practical advice for a fixed monthly fee.  Unlike our previous experiences with a traditional law firm, William does not just tell us that we can’t do the things we want to do – instead he provides us with the options open to us and details the business risks involved at each step.  He always responds quickly, with clarity of communication and is terrific value for money.”
Nick Davis, CEO, Crest Garden

We were introduced to Paul just over 12 months ago, at a time when the business had some imminent critical challenges.  Paul was able to quickly grasp the issues and risks that we faced and gave us a recommendation of the way forward based on his commercial experience -- not just a list of options for us to choose from, as I have experienced frequently in the past when using external legal firms. Now we have dealt with the immediate crisis, Paul is working with us proactively to ensure we are aware of our legal risks and helping us make commercial decisions when entering into any new legal agreements to help us ensure our future growth is on a firm legal footing."
Ashley Tate, Managing Director, Split The Bills

"We wanted to restructure the way our legal affairs were managed following the departure of our full-time company secretary. The Legal Director helped us with that transition, implemented the changes we wanted and now act as our senior in-house legal and company secretarial resource. We’re very happy with the work The Legal Director has done and with the arrangements we have in place with Amanda.”
Jo Bennett, Finance Director, Jacques Vert Group Limited

"Ed has helped our senior executive team guide Tribal through a period of great change and in doing so has become a trusted advisor to the board. He has also helped us to reshape our internal legal team to fit our new business model. I greatly value his wise counsel."
Steve Breach, Group Finance Director, Tribal Group plc

"When we first came across The Legal Director we were looking to recruit a full time in-house lawyer. Using The Legal Director a number of days a month instead has meant that our business has benefitted from a more experienced resource that we have been able to flex as and when our business needs it most."
James Lewis, CEO, Redux Laboratories LLP

"Kirstie Penk and the network that is the Legal Director have proven to be an ideal solution for us, providing a part time in-house legal service for a fixed fee each month. We have been working with Kirstie in this way since 2011 and are satisfied it delivers great value for money. Kirstie delivers work on a rapid turnaround and is prepared to operate flexible hours to meet our and our customers’ needs."
Justin Heaton, Commercial Director, Burgess Pet Care