"Quite simply, we have
halved our legal costs, and
increased the amount
of legal support."

Black & White Hospitality, master franchisor
for Marco Pierre White


"The Legal Director provide us
with a part time in-house legal
service for a fixed fee each
month. The service delivers
great value for money."

Burgess Pet Care


"It's a different way of working-and a better way of working. We really have saved money in comparison to using a traditional law firm-and sometimes very significantly."

Knight Security Group


"Paul's responsiveness, experience,
pragmatic advice and calm manner
really helped me to focus on the key
commercial points and not get
bogged down in legal detail"

Abbey Industrial Solutions


"TLD provides us with
proactive and practical
legal advice for a fixed
monthly fee... it's terrific
value for money."

Crest Garden


The right perspective

Discover the flexible,
pragmatic way to manage
your business's legal

We're growing! Are you a UK-based senior business lawyer with an in-house or private practice background (or both), looking to refresh your legal career?
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Effective legal advice from your
business perspective

The Legal Director is a fully regulated law firm that provides businesses with highly experienced lawyers on a part-time
or flexible basis.

By working smarter as part of our clients' businesses, and by delivering legal advice from a business perspective, we can demonstrably save our clients significant amounts of money and directors' time.

More about how we can help you

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A focused approach through 
our 9-point legal framework

Apply our 9-point legal framework to your business to systematically 
address the key areas of your business that require legal 
expertise and appropriate action.

To find out more, follow the links to our series of free
downloadable guides.

More about the TLD approach

The TLD Value Promise

We know - and can demonstrate - that we can save our clients significant amounts of money and directors' time.  In particular, we deliver greater cost-effectiveness and value than a traditional law firm.

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Six reasons to choose TLD

  1. Legal advice from a business perspective - your business perspective.
  2. Better value all round and significant savings on your legal bills.
  3. More time for your CFO/CEO/MD to get on with his/her day job and achieve their objectives.
  1. Sharper focus on value for your business, as our Legal Directors work for far fewer clients at any one time than an equivalent partner in a traditional law firm.
  2. Proactive approach and continuity in mitigating risks and maximising opportunities for your business.
  3. Our Legal Directors develop a true understanding of your business and what you value.

The Legal Director is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority